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How will  you
  Go Green?


Grow Your Green Cloak

Grow Your Green Cloak is our project for primary schools.

It aims to strengthen pupils' environmental awareness and habits of doing green actions.

The activities span the time between St. Brigid's Day and St. Patrick's day - covering six term weeks.

As Brigid spread her cloak, so our green actions may grow and spread outwards.

Take a look at our blog post about last year's project and the wonderful exhibition in EPIC Museum that grew from it.

Participating schools will be sent the Lesson Plan and supporting resources.
Most activities require general art materials and some printing.

We would love for your school to take part in Grow Your Green Cloak in 2023!

For more information, and to become a particpate at any stage of the project, please register below.


How will you go green?

An Invitation to Businesses

Now is the perfect time for the commercial enterprise sector to show the world that Ireland is serious about climate change by aligning strong sustainability messages and actions with our national heritage, culture and identity. 

 We are inviting businesses to consider hosting an eco-activity event to celebrate any sustainability milestones they have achieved, or to declare their environmental goals for the future.

This progressive action will have a lasting positive impact 
on your company, its staff and the local community.

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Green Beacons

We invite sustainability leaders, innovators,  and business people to share insights from their journeys.

Find out more by contacting us.

Partnerships & Collaborations

2022  Partnerships

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Partnerships with Parades

We partnered with  Bray & District Chamber, Killarney Parade Committee, & Sligo Parade Committee to promote sustainability during their St. Patrick's Day festivals. We created a Carbon Footprint Calculation of each parade and set a target to reduce these footprints going forward


40 Shades of Green at EPIC Museum

With our combined passions for the environment and heritage of Ireland, The Green Roots Project and EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, teamed up to host a special Poster Exhibition over St. Patrick's Day weekend 2022!Artwork contributed from around the country was exhibited at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, in the Chq Building on Dublin's  Docklands from the 17th - 20th March!This exhibition featured work from our 'Grow Your Green Cloak' campaign by students and artists from Wicklow, Wexford, Kildare, & Roscommon.

Get in Touch
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Eat Your Greens with Tasty Veg

We are proud to introduce Eat Your Greens. A campaign that encourages you to Eat Local, Eat in Season, and Eat More Veg. To help us launch this  new campaign we’d like to introduce you to our amazing collaborator Theodora from Tasty Veg

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Dublin City Climate Walk

‘Steps in the right Direction’ with Dr. Sabrina Dekker is a discovery of the perils and potential Climate Change poses for Dublin City ’ Featuring The Green Grannies, this is a unique event created for An Taisce Climate Ambassadors. The event finishes with a tour of the Wren Hotel.

Carbon Footprints & Climate Positive Parades

Imagining the future of St. Patrick's Day

At The Green Roots Project, our goal is for St. Patrick's Day to become an International Day of Climate Action.

Every year as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we have the world's attention. People across the globe celebrate with us and many international cities also have St. Patrick's Day parades. Imagine the reach and the impact, if it was common practice for every parade to celebrate sustainably, measure and reduce their impact, cut down on their waste, and give back to their environment. As a famously green island, it's up to us to lead by example and to steer towards Climate Positive celebrations. 

Carbon Neutral Parade Ideation Session with UCD IA DTFS by Deimante

The Greening of St. Patrick's Day

This year we worked with three established parades to capture their carbon footprints and initiated a prototype climate-positive parade. We also prototyped our own sustainability awareness campaigns to engage individuals, junior schools, transition year, and third-level students, businesses, and community groups, to begin an association with St. Patrick's Day and the Irish environment. We see this eco-reimagining of St Patricks Day as an opportunity to create a model that can be replicated across all our national events.This is an opportunity for Brand Ireland to elevate its strong association with the colour green to something that is both historically significant and in keeping with our Citizen's Assembly goal to become leaders of Climate Action.

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Sallins, Climate Positive Prototype

Sallins is a small town in Kildare, with a population of 5,800 people. To date, Sallins does not have an existing parade. In 2022 we worked closely with the Sallins community to create a prototype Climate Positive Parade with sustainability as its core message.

The mission was to create an event that would centre around nature-based

activities, produce no emissions, create minimum waste, bring awareness

to the biodiversity of Sallins, and give back to the community & the environment.

We invited participation from local community groups, Tidy Towns Sallins, Sallins Biodiversity Group, Sallins Nature Explorers & Sallins Map of Life as well as local artists and the community.

The event ran on a small scale this year, with under 100 participants.

The theme was 'Sallins Biodiversity'. All costumes were either created in a specific workshop hosted by Imagination Station Sallins using materials that were diverted from landfills, or homemade from repurposed or recyclable materials.

Participants grew shamrocks in recycled containers in time for the event. All participation was on foot, there were no fossil-fueled entries, and no stages that required electricity, The event ended with a Zero Waste Picnic, a tree-planting and seed sowing ceremony, and biodiversity games hosted by the Sallins Nature Explorers.

We aim to expand the event next year with the support of Sallins Tidy Towns


Participate in Solo and Group Activities

How Will You Go Green?

Social Media Open Participation Campaign 
Share your green goals and actions with the hashtag #thegreenrootsproject

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Show Us Your Shamrocks

Social Media Campaign. Show us your homemade & homegrown shamrocks. Share with the hashtag #showusyourshamrocks

Wear Something Green

Buy Nothing New for St. Patrick's Day
Repurpose your flags, hats & costumes from last year

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My Green Action is...

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