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Carbon Neutral Parades

Imagining the future of St. Patrick's Day

Every year as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we have the world's attention. People across the globe celebrate with us and many international cities also have St. Patrick's Day parades. We believe it is Ireland's duty as a famously green island to lead by example and to embrace Carbon Neutral celebrations.

 Imagine the reach and the impact, if it was common practice for every parade to celebrate sustainably, and reduce their impact, cut down on their waste, and give back to their environment.

We believe that by reframing how we celebrate our national holidays, we can forge and renew meaningful connections between how we relate to our local environment and how we express our national pride. 

We see the future of St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to create a green wave and make the world truly, meaningfully green. 

Carbon Neutral Parade Ideation Session with UCD IA DTFS by Deimante
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Parade Guide

How can we reduce the emissions generated by our celebrations?

 From the planning stages, through to production and wind down, parades have multiple stakeholders to consider, including sponsors, participants, and
supporters.  How can we work collectively to reduce the emissions generated by our celebrations?

To learn more about defining a Carbon Management Plan, and categorising your impact into scopes. 

Download our Parade Guide Here 

Celebrate Sustainably

Ideas to help attendees reduce their impact at St. Patrick's Day Parade

Leave Your Car at Home 
Use Public Transport 
Get On Your Bike 
Refuse Single-Use Plastics 
Reuse Last Year's Hat & Flags
Make Your Own Badges
Grow Your Own Shamrocks 
Bring Your Reusable Bags/Cups/ Bottles 
Bring Your Rubbish Home 
Buy Nothing New

Invite Your Friends and  Family to do the same

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