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Eat Your Greens!

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national holiday, and the whole world loves to celebrate with us. We have a long standing tradition of wearing something green on Paddy’s Day, a tradition that is readily adopted by visitors as they throng the streets to watch the parade, or join in with the craic agus ceol. At The Green Roots Project we are inviting people to update that tradition, and use Lá Fhéile Pádraig to not only wear something green, but to also do something green,

Introducing our GROW YOUR GREEN CLOAK campaign.

From St. Brigid's Day to St. Patrick's Day we're celebrating being Irish by going green. There is a six-week span between St. Brigid's Day and St. Patrick's Day, where the days are getting brighter and we welcome Spring. This is a time to adopt new habits and to consider our relationship with nature and the environment. Spring offers us a chance to reflect on what it means to be Irish and what it means to be green. At The Green Roots Project, we're using this period to high


HOW TO GROW YOUR OWN SHAMROCKS with special thanks to Jacqui Dunne and her Junior Infants class in Greystones Educate Together NS, Co. Wicklow Once upon a time... St. Patrick's Day badges were made from a sprig of live shamrocks, set on a green ribbon. These days, a lot of St. Patrick's Day badges, hats, flags, and decorations are made from plastic they are used for a day and then thrown away. With millions of people celebrating St. Patrick's Day all over the world all thes

All 32 Counties Let's Go Green!

On St. Patricks Day 2021 we documented Green Actions in 22 Counties! You can help us to light up a map of green actions across Ireland and the rest of the globe. It's easy to get involved. Chose your green action, Take a picture of you holding a sign that says what your action is and where you are in the world. Share with the hashtag #thegreenrootsproject and we will share on our social media accounts and in the website gallery. Let's create a green wave across the world.

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