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UCD Innovatin Academy 2022

About Us

At The Green Roots Project, we believe that Ireland is uniquely placed to be a  leader of the sustainability movement. 

Ours is a tiny island that is world-famous for its forty shades of green. We are fondly remembered by tourists and our widespread diaspora for our lush green fields, and beautiful natural landscapes. 

We want to elevate that deeply held cultural association between Ireland and the colour green so that it is also synonymous with sustainability and green innovations. 

We want to align our culture, heritage, and traditions, with a future-focused vision of a sustainable island, that brings a deeper sense of meaning to being green. 

We are innovators, and communicators. We believe the future is green. 

How it started

Claire Anne: In 2020, in my year as a Climate Ambassador, I put out a call for people to join me as I planted a tree to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

I was thrilled with the community response. Friends planted potatoes, window boxes, & community gardens,  organised cleanups, and even got solar panels. 

I logged 30 actions in the community.

In 2021 as part of UCD's  Innovation Academy's first Design Thinking for Sustainability course, we grew into a team. 

Claire Anne Tobin, Michéal Coughlan, Carole Moriarty, Con Bartels, Deimante Stankeviciute. 

We logged 1000 community actions across 22 Irish counties, across Europe, and as far away as New Zealand. 

This year we are inviting Students, Artists, Makers, Business People, and a host of collaborators across several fields to join us as we spread our message. 

Most importantly we are inviting YOU to get back to your green roots and to  celebrate being Irish by being green. 

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