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The Green Roots Project

Our Spring Campaigns

Communicate - Collaborate - Celebrate


How Will You Go Green?

Nature will soon be flourishing all around us -

pushing through whether a space has been made for it or not!

So let's take our inspiration from that

and break out some new Green habits of our own!

After three successful years of running this campaign around

the springtime celebration of St. Patrick's Day,

we are excited to see what 2024 will inspire!

Every action makes a difference.

Tell us what you're trying, learning, teaching, doing,

and where you are.

Share them to us here or post them with the tag


Grow Your Green Cloak

Grow Your Green Cloak is our project for primary schools.

It aims to strengthen pupils' environmental awareness and habits of doing green actions.

The activities span the time between St. Brigid's Day and St. Patrick's day - covering six term weeks.

As Brigid spread her cloak, so our green actions may grow and spread outwards.

After a sucessful pilot year, in 2023 the project received approval from the Department of Education as part of its National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development - ESD to 2030.
Take a look at our blog post about our pilot project and the wonderful exhibition in EPIC Museum that grew from it.
We would love for your school to take part in 2024!

For more information, and to become a particpate at any stage of the project, please get in touch below.


Show Us Your Shamrocks!

Let's take a stand against any new plastic shamrocks!

Have you tried growing your own shamrocks? There are lots of garden centres offering sustainable and fun growing kits and advice, as well as many varieties of shamrock seeds. The seeds grow quickly so that you can have some for St. Patrick's Day, and they will continue on to flower and grow into a hardy plant.

We got our seeds from the brilliant Connecting to Nature and we have been experimenting with various 'soils' as you can see in the picture - keep an eye on our socials to find out which ones were most successful!

We used paper fruit trays from the supermarket as our pots.

Alternatively, make your own shamrocks from whatever you have or find.

Repair - Repurpose - Recycle!

Share your pics and progress with the hashtag #showusyourshamrocks

Pocket Forests

We have been very happy to be able to plant some pocket forests

with a number of primary schools, in conjunction with

our Grow Your Green Cloak project.

We brought them a selection of bare root and young natives of

Oak, Rowan, Hazel, Whitethorn and Birch trees.

Bare root trees are soil free and in a dormant state,

looking a little bit like magic wands!

We will be checking in see how they are doing over the coming months.

Le buíochas mór to the teachers, gardeners and student councils.

If you would like to know more about our Grow Your Green Cloak project for Primary Schools, please get in touch.


See more


Climate Positive Parade


Gallery of Green Actions

For any more information please get in touch


Participate in Solo and Group Activities

How Will You Go Green?

Social Media Open Participation Campaign 
Share your green goals and actions with the hashtags #howwillyougogreen #thegreenrootsproject

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Show Us Your Shamrocks

Social Media Campaign
Show us your homemade & homegrown shamrocks. Share with the hashtag #showusyourshamrocks

Wear Something Green

Buy Nothing New for St. Patrick's Day

Create your own badges and/or
repurpose your flags, hats & costumes from last year!
Share with us #imwearinggreen 

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My Green Action is...


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